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"I highly recommend anyone needing orthodontics - young or old- to check out Dr. Montini. He is professional, friendly, and all about his patients having a good experience. Their facility is beautiful and very kid & adult-friendly!"

— Deb H.

"We could not be more pleased with the work that was done by Dr. Montini on my daughter's teeth. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for an orthodontist to look no further than Dr. Montini. He and his staff are wonderful."

— Ardis B.

"Dr. Montini and his staff are simply the best! Look no further if you are searching for a wonderful orthodontist. I couldn't be happier with how my kids are treated and how great the results have been."

— Angela B.

"Absolutely amazing, professional, and fast service. I love how passionate everyone is about helping out the people they see."

— Bobby T.

"Dr. Reid Montini has built a practice that actually makes orthodontist visits 'fun'. From superhero drawings and a video game room, your kids will actually enjoy a doctor's visit. All fun aside, Dr. Montini has true passion in making your entire family's smiles picture perfect. It is a change that will last a lifetime."

— John M.

"Dr. Montini is a warm, personable, highly trained and skilled orthodontist. I have seen truly phenomenal changes he has made in restoring proper bite in even the most difficult of cases. He not only restores the smile nature intended, but improves eating (chewing) and thus digestion, nutritional uptake, and overall health. Dr. Montini is great with kids, too!"

— Amy G.

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Dream the possibilities.

Live every moment.

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